Tomica De Douga 001

One Day Hino Profia Wants invites all his friends in the party he talked to Murita (the 1st ) then he said
Hino Profia - ''Hey do you want to go to my party house"?
Murita - '' OK sure " !
Then he went to Morita's garage
Hino Profia - ''Do you want to go to my party?''
then that night they started the party
''Music Akon'"
Mini Roller- "this is the best party ever"
Hino Profia-''YEAH''
Murita- Nice Music Cool
Morita-"Sure it is the best music"
Fuso-''Hey guys I recorded your dance moves!''
Hino Profia-"Nice''
next morning they are so happy !
Hino Profia is always ready for delivery's
and he is always nice!

Story From - Kylejoszef