Isuzu Giga


Toyota LandCruiser

Newest character in the movie!


Toyota Noah

Toyota Noah : He likes to play fair whenever police chases him

Nissan Cima

Nissan Cima: A new character in the story

Toyota Crown Patrol Car

Toyota Crown : Whenever he chases Toyota Noah he always tried to chase him

Morita Fire Fighting Ambulance

Murita Ambulance: His friend Murita Fire Engine always help him whenever he wants some help

Mitsubishi Fuso Crane

He also helps Maeda  Siesakusho Mini Crawler Crane

Hino Profia Yanmar Trailer Truck

Hino Profia : He is a little truck but big in business
he is the funniest truck in the video

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Satellite Relay Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso: He is reporting disasters and any news in the video

Morita Fire Engine

Toyota Dyna : Also called Toyota Dyna when he was called  he is always ready

Sakai Mini Roller

Sakai SW502-1: He always smooths the road and always funny

Maeda Siesakusho  Mini Crawler

Maeda Siesakusho: Very active character in the video
he is the partner of Sakai Mini Roller.

Nissan Fairlady Z

A little bad but nice sometimes

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon

A civilian but a real Hero