All new Cars & Playsets even my Cars

Your own animated picture about 1 years are not to raise, but
Uses the mini car in the same way the animated picture which
The other people being raised large number, now the shank.
Being something which becomes the animated picture air of other one,Extremely, searching frequently 'with
Tomica It has checked whether similar animated picture it does not rise.
Usually, on 2 - 3rd checking at pace about of 1 times, because it increases,
When it is raised, you have recognized well enough directly.
Happy animated picture and You Tube are checked, but
When with happy animated picture comment is inserted, don't you think? it is.
However '1' is, (laughing)
Today, among such,
It is enormous, you introduce 2 works which you think that is.
First this.
It is, the large blast running series of LUXE37.


This is the link of the 1st work, but some work it is released to in addition to.
 When (we would like to stick the pad, it is, but
  Because it was denied, you could swell link)

The image which is being moved with stop motion really,
You have used properly well and others the plain gauze are.
Also the background and effective sound are real and,
We are standardized with image of age of a little before,
To be enormous it has become the work whose level is high.

Many works are open, but being able to make every one good, now the shank obtaining.


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